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Apr 22

Use a Facebook Chatbot to Transform Customer Experience

By Mark Geschke | Digital Transformation , Strategic IT Leadership

First published on Bizcommunity

At their F8 Developers Conference this year, Facebook revealed an ambitious 10-year vision which sees them connecting the world, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in a major way and building a huge ecosystem around virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR).

While it is always exciting to hear from companies who have a bold vision for the future, especially when they spew so many acronyms, what had business leaders most in awe was the announcement of the Messenger Platform and its integrated chatbot functionality. Over the last few years Facebook has done a lot to become increasingly relevant to businesses and this is just their latest salvo to woo them.

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Apr 14

How to Best Prepare for Your Next IT Budget

By Mark Geschke | Operational IT Leadership , Relevant IT

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At Space Age Technologies I learned how important the IT budgeting period is for SMEs. Together with the client IT leader we would often scramble like mad to prepare a list of projects and other initiatives, only for many of these items to be shot down due to "cost savings" and general misunderstanding of their benefits.

We were not happy.  Business leaders just didn't get IT!

Or so we thought.

We have since learned how short-sighted we were and have developed a rigorous process for continuously improving the outcomes of the IT budgeting process.

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Apr 07

15 Essential Business Technology Management Competencies Every IT Leader Has to Master

By Mark Geschke | Operational IT Leadership , Relevant IT

Almost every SME IT leader I know wants to learn how to better provide business value through IT .... and there is plenty of advice going around. The problem is that there is so much information that it has become very difficult to know what is applicable and what should be focused on when.

Fortunately, we have worked on this since 2010 and accumulated quite a lot of knowledge on the way.

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