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Are You Frustrated With Where You Are?

Every team and business these days wants to become more agile. Scrum, Agile, Kanban and other initiatives are kicked off everywhere and the early results look impressive. But somehow, over time, energy is lost and "becoming agile" turns out to just be another bogged down change project.

Is this your reality?

  • There seems to be more work and pressure than ever
  • Work priorities keep changing and nothing completes on time
  • Urgent work gets much more attention than important work
  • We could be so much better if everybody just did their part
  • A shortage of critical skills cripples our ability to complete work
  • Many leaders still cling to how businesses used to be managed

*Still free. Get a special deal when we launch broadly.

Relax, It Is Not Your Fault!

You and your fellow change agents are like a small tug who wants change the course of a large container ship ("the business"). 

Almost every management practice in use today has its roots in the previous century … and many of these practices simply are not fit for purpose in our rapidly changing world.

This inertia is the true reason why so many agile journeys fall short of their lofty expectations.

But it doesn't have to be like this!

These Businesses are Overcoming their Inertia

Let's Solve this Wicked Problem Together

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Xuviate helped me get started with Kanban and within days we doubled IT throughput and dramatically improved team morale. Today I lead strategy for a major new business initiative. When we started a bit more than a year ago I had no idea just how quickly things could change!

JOHAN PRETORIUS, Group IT & OCTi Strategist at Aerosud

Join Us On the eXuviate Network and Expect These Benefits

Sharpen Kanban Skills

Kanban is extremely suited for helping you and team get stuff done. But there is no one right way to apply the method. In eXuviate we aim to help you deepen your understanding, find answers to questions you cannot google and learn how others have done what you still want to do.

Expand Your Mind

We all are creatures of habit and try to do more of what has worked in the past instead of pushing forward with the next significant improvement. From video podcasts with thought leaders to personal nudges from other members, much of what we do in eXuviate is focused on counteracting this pull to the "status quo".

Recharge Your Batteries

Leading change in an organisation from the Stone Age can be draining. You can recharge by using eXuviate to vent some steam, laugh about an insider joke or just to receive some words of encouragement. Perhaps you just need to realise that it could have been so much worse. Whatever you need, we have got you covered.

What Makes eXuviate so Special?

  • We welcome all change agents in traditional businesses who share our passion for using Kanban to improve business agility
  • We promise that every single question and post from you will receive a meaningful response
  • We will charge a low, monthly membership fee to ensure everything doesn't peter out when people get busy.
  • We believe that basic membership should be extremely valuable without you having to buy expensive courses or add-on programs

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Since engaging with Xuviate, I've dramatically improved my standing in the business and it only took three things: 

  1) Wanting to be better 

  2) Opening myself up to new ideas 

  3) Trying, learning and trying again

JASON SICHKARYK, IT Director at Rosenau Transport, Canada 

Show Significant Results in 3 Steps

Activate Membership

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Discover Next Steps

Once you are in, look for the 3-part Welcome Guide to get up to speed. Then collect ideas, search for answers, ask questions and even meet others who can help you move forward. Apply what you learned and tell the community about your results. This will prepare you for the next important step.

Improve Step by Step

Make time to expand your horizons and challenge yourself. Commit to come back regularly, even when you don't have a problem to solve.  Soak up the energy around you. Apply new insights in your own environment and experiment. Keep coming back for more.

Accelerate Growth

The first three steps are all you need to become insanely successful over time. But mindset changes can take a lot of time. To accelerate your journey you are welcome to inquire about our Private Mastermind or Coaching services.

There Is So Much More To Talk About...

  • Find answers to questions you cannot google
  • Meet others like yourself and avoid common mistakes
  • Learn from some of the best lean and agile experts
  • Get a 3-month trial key for Kanbanize, the leading Kanban software
  • Choose from many online events to expand your thinking

Best of all: Join now to get all this FOR FREE until we convert into a paid-for membership service.  

Initially I was sceptical about how much practical value I would get from peer-coaching but today I can just look back at the many small changes I have made and reflect on how I’ve grown and how much more efficiently IT operations is running. 

BRANDEN PATIENCE, IT Director & Africa CIO, Mazars, SA

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