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Are You Frustrated with Where You Are?

Kanban is revolutionising knowledge work everywhere. Visualising work that was previously hidden increases transparency and stimulates collaboration. Sadly, this is also where most implementations stop and many of the other significant benefits go unrealised

Is this your Kanban reality as well?

  • Do you feel you may be missing key knowledge and insights?
  • Does your team still juggle way too much work?
  • Does your team still drown in urgent work?
  • If Kanban is about pull, why do you have to push so much?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of momentum?
  • Be honest, have you really made a lasting difference?

Management Inertia is Your True Enemy!

You know this, the way we used to manage businesses is woefully inadequate in our fast-moving and complex world.

When you found the Agile and Lean toolset and started implementing Kanban you had great hope that "everything" would soon change.

Unfortunately, even you, greatly underestimated the true villain in the story: management inertia, or the tendency to keep managing in the same way that worked before.

To break outdated habits, you can't just read a "how to book" or do a quick course. No, you need to systematically upgrade your own mental framework. Not enough, you also need to help everybody else you work with do the same.

If unsuccessful, any momentum you have built will soon be lost again as inertia reasserts itself.

But this unfortunately takes time. Even more time if you want to drive this on your own. Time which you probably don't have, as you need to attend to the next 4 big initiatives

Xuviate helped me get started with Kanban and within days we doubled IT throughput and dramatically improved team morale. Today I lead strategy for a major new business initiative. When we started a bit more than a year ago I had no idea just how quickly things could change!

JOHAN PRETORIUS, Group IT & OCTi Strategist at Aerosud

Expect These Benefits From the Kanban Bootcamp

A Solid Foundation

In just 8 weeks get all the knowledge and guidance you need to be successful with Kanban in your team. Experience the Kanban principles and practices while you are building and improving your own team's board. Expect many "aha-moments" while you do so.

Lead with Confidence

We dedicate a significant portion of our time together to coaching and collaborative learning. Nothing will build your confidence as much as helping others solve their challenges or, even better, thinking through your own challenges with probing questions from others.

Inspire Your Colleagues

We will help you create momentum and produce results that make others in your business take note. With every new Kanban enthusiast your chances of winning against the evil "Management Inertia" villain increase significantly.

What Makes Our Bootcamp so Special?

The Kanban Bootcamp is revolutionary because it combines online training, live implementations, group coaching and continuous improvement over an 8 week period to leave you with a fully-functioning Kanban system you and your team actually use to get work done.

All without requiring more than a 4-6h commitment from you for each of the 8 weeks.

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Meet Kanbanize, Our Favourite Kanban Tool and Partner

To make this training as practical and relevant as possible, it was an easy to decide to only use Kanbanize for our case-studies and homework assignments. 

If your team doesn't already have access to Kanbanize we can organise a 3-month, special-purpose trial.

5 Steps to Bootcamp Value

Confirm Relevance

The Bootcamp will be most valuable to business leaders who have already implemented Kanban with their team or who know about Kanban and are keen to get started. Other team members are also welcome if they have the active support of their team lead.

Check Requirements

To make this Bootcamp rewarding for all (especially for yourself), you should tick as many boxes as possible:

  • You will be able to joins us online for 2 hours every week, for eight weeks. 
  • Should you miss an online session you will watch the recording to catch up
  • You have another 2-4h every week with your team to apply your insights
  • You are prepared to show-case and talk about your team's journey

Secure Attendance

For best results we unfortunately have to limit the size of the group. To avoid having to delay your Kanban upgrade until next year we suggest you register as soon as possible.

Finish Preparations

Once registered, we will guide you through the rest of your preparations:

  • Join the private members-only area on the eXuviate Community
  • Schedule the 2h weekly sessions in your calendar
  • Reserve time every week for home-work with your team
  • If needed, activate your Kanbanize trial
  • Set up Zoom video conferencing and other tools

Actively Participate

Once we kick-off the weekly sessions all that remains for you to do is to:

  • Attend all 8 sessions (or, when you missed one, watch the recording)
  • Follow along with your team and immediately apply what you have learned
  • Show-case your work and share your challenges during the sessions.

The Nuts and Bolts

Since the Kanban Bootcamp is about much so much more than just providing training, we have thought deeply about every single aspect of it. 

There will be 8 online sessions. Each one will be a 2 hours long Zoom session and follow roughly the same format:

Sharing & Deep-Dives

A few leaders (usually volunteers from the previous session) will get a chance to show-case their progress and engage with the rest of the group to find possible solutions to implementation challenges. This is great time to get tips and ideas! 

Learning Module

New theory and insights for the week are introduced by the facilitators in an engaging but relaxed way. Interactivity is highly encouraged. Towards the end, volunteers are selected for the next session's "Sharing and Deep-Dive" section.

Questions & Answers

The final section is about answering as many questions about Kanban and practical implementation challenges as possible. We use a Lean Coffee format to keep up the energy and focus on what is most relevant to the majority of leaders present.

In each session we will cover exactly one learning module. The 8 learning modules follow on each other. Should you miss a session, you are advised to catch up by watching the recording.

1. Mapping Your Flow

After setting the scene and welcoming everybody we immediately jump in to get a better understanding of the Kanban basics. We'll also learn how to design the first board and engage our teams.

2. Getting Work Done

A Kanban board without work items is pretty useless and your next step is to populate the backlog and to start working it off. Most critically you will focus on the ritual of the Daily Kanban team meeting.

3. From Push to Pull

We all know that multi-tasking is a productivity killer, yet almost everybody struggles with the concept of limiting work in progress in a business context. Understand why this happens and how Kanban helps you solve it.

4. Managing Flow

Continuous improvement is baked deeply into the Kanban method, but to get it started you first need to understand how to measure improvements. Fortunately Kanban metrics are both simple and extremely powerful.

5. Always Improving

Teams are so tuned to gettting the work done that few have developed the skill to reflect on their work and get better over time. Learn about the Kanban meetings and what you need to do to get your team on a path of continuous improvement.

6. Typical Challenges

Even in the best systems curve balls still happen. Discover various Kanban patterns and techniques for dealing with these disruptions in an efficient and effective way that encourages further improvements.

7. Connecting the Dots

Now that you have a working Kanban team system it is time to look at the bigger picture of coordinating how work flows between different systems. A big eye-opener awaits as you realise that business agility has nothing to do with team agility.

8. Celebrating Success

In the final session you will have a chance to reflect and brag about your successes. We celebrate way too litle in traditional businesses and we find it quite fitting to conclude by practicing this vital skill.

To facilitate learning and problem solving between the weekly sessions we have created a private group on the eXuviate Community. Here you can share your insights, ask for help or just meet others like you. This group will remain available for 6 months after the conclusion of the Bootcamp.

Since engaging with Xuviate, I've dramatically improved my standing in the business and it only took three things: 

  1) Wanting to be better 

  2) Opening myself up to new ideas 

  3) Trying, learning and trying again

JASON SICHKARYK, IT Director at Rosenau Transport, Canada 

What's My Investment?

How much is your hesitation to prioritise your Kanban implementation costing you? How many gaps do you feel you have in your basic Kanban understanding? How many avoidable mistakes will you continue to make as a result of them? What will this cost you in time? What is the danger of losing even more momentum and buy-in from the team when complex challenges arise?

Failing to give your Kanban initiative a much-needed boost may already be costing your business a great deal!

Enroll for the only Kanban Bootcamp this year and expect these benefits before 2019 runs out:

  • Get a solid Kanban foundation and bolster your experience
  • Be much more relaxed and feel confident about the future
  • Get more work done than before and improve incrementally
  • Impress your colleagues when they see your team in action

Our No-Nonsense Guarantee

We are so confident that you will get enormous benefit from the Kanban Bootcamp that we offer a no-nonsense, money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Still Have Questions?

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What if my team's work is highly confidential?

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