About Xuviate

We support IT Managers and CIOs of mid-sized businesses who want to be on top of their game and drive growth.

We Are on a Mission

Isn't it ironic? Not a day goes past that you are not reminded of how technology is utterly and completely upending the world you know and yet, within your mid-sized business employer, it is business as usual and the role of you, the IT leader is still not much more than a footnote.

  • Why does everything always have to move so slowly?
  • Why don't other business leaders see the huge potential of technology?
  • Why don't they understand the threat of disruption?
  • Why does every IT decision always boil down to costs?

As the IT leader you intuitively understand that the solution is to not only deliver well on the regular expectations of IT but to more importantly figure out how to change deep-seated, limiting beliefs about technology and to rapidly figure out how to become more responsive in our rapidly changing world.

You also know that, apart from yourself, there are really not many other people in your business that understand any of this. If you don't take action, who else will? And if you don't, will the business still be there in 5 years?

The journey can be lonely and burned-out and despondent IT Managers and CIOs are everywhere. But it doesn't have to be like this.

At Xuviate We Understand Your Needs

Transform How the Business Thinks About IT

Most organisations have enough technology, but not enough understanding to effectively use this technology. Your primary role is thus to tackle the "fuzzy challenges" and change leadership mindsets before trying to implement yet more technology.

Stay in Control of IT and Optimize Costs

Mid-sized businesses deeply distrust consultants and have a strong bias towards figuring things out themselves. What you need is affordable advice to help you on your journey but you never want to get the feeling you are not in control.

Find Practical Solutions to Your Many Challenges

Many of the IT management and leadership challenges are shared across organisations, industries and geographies. You could learn so much from your peers, but chances are good that you just don't have an effective way to reach them.

Deliver More and More Business Value 

You are suffering from information overload and the last thing you need is to get yet more advice on best-practices of large businesses. You know there is not much time and you need fast results that truly move the needle.

What Our Customers Say

I would strongly recommend the services...

I would strongly recommend the services of Xuviate in order to gain understanding of the need for digital transformation in your business as well as assistance to initiate the changes.

JOHAN PRETORIUS  //  IT Manager at Aerosud

...take others with him on that journey...

Mark has played a huge role in shaping my approach to IT in the Business place. He is the type of person to inspire you to reach your limits and go past them. An individual who is always ahead of the curve with his thinking and willing to take others with him on that journey.

RALPH HENDRICKS  //  IT Manager at WWF South Africa

...WOW for all involved...

The Relevant IT Assessment Verification workshop offers a well-structured environment for business and IT to align. It was a WOW for all involved and the future potential is huge.

ANDRE VISSER  //  Managing Director at Fabrinox

The Story So Far

Mathias and Mark, both co-founders of Xuviate and long-time friends, have previously founded and run one of the most successful South African IT service providers focused exclusively on SMEs.

During the 21 years that that business journey lasted, they continuously challenged the status quo and set the standard that other companies followed.

Incidentally, it was this quest for "the next big thing" that eventually led them to exit their first major business and start Xuviate to focus on a new journey they have been working on since 2010 when they went to Israel and used Theory of Constraints (TOC) thinking to understand the core problem of the IT industry.

Mark wrote a lovely blog on Why Xuviate? that neatly summarises their thinking and why they just had to start Xuviate.

In the first two years many lessons were learned and Mathias summarised it all in 5 Key Insights the Past Two Years Have Taught Us About Digital Transformation for the Mid-Market.

Mark Geschke
CEO and Founder

Mathias Tölken
COO and Founder

Our Core Services

IT Leader
Growth Summit (20 to 24 May)

Between 20 and 24 May we ran the first ever IT Leader Growth Summit specifically tailored to the needs of IT leaders in mid-sized businesses. In the 56 sessions we did deep-dives on the most common challenges we hear in our online Mastermind groups. All sessions have been recorded and can be viewed for a modest fee.

IT Leader Mastermind Groups

Our 3 online and private Mastermind Groups of up to 20 participants from around the globe not only create huge value for IT leaders but also give us as the facilitators a true finger on the pulse of what is happening within mid-sized businesses.

90 Day DX Coaching Services for IT Leaders

About half-way through 2017 we realised that we could achieve so much more if we occasionally get our hands dirty and help IT leaders kick-start and accelerate their organisations' digital transformation. From workshops to weekly remote check-in sessions, the results speak for themselves.

The Business in Numbers


IT leaders who trust us for thought leadership insights


Presently active Mastermind Groups where participants meet every two weeks online for two hours.


Countries who are represented in our online Mastermind Groups  for a truly global perspective.


ROI after only 3 months as recorded in our most successful coaching engagement to date.

As Featured On

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Rounding out our small team is our resident development expert Andre Badenhorst who has been involved with Mathias and Mark in their various business ventures over the last 22 years.

Having such a small team gives us tremendous opportunity to live the "Startup Dream" and utilise skills and insights from where-ever we need them, when-ever we need them.

An unfair advantage are our Mastermind participants who give us an opportunity to test our ideas and experiment rapidly. They are the primary reason our business can run so fast and we consider their contributions as an incredibly valuable team multiplier.

Andre Badenhorst
Senior Developer

Want to Know More About Xuviate?

There is so much more we would like to tell you about us. But for that we need to know more about you and what specifically you are interested in. The easiest way to get the ball rolling would be for you to head over to our Contact page and send us a quick message.