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Relevant IT – A Digital Transformation Methodology for SMEs 

To transform into a digital business is a complex undertaking and usually requires an army of consultants.

Realising that this is often not an option, we have developed our Relevant IT methodology specifically for SMEs and provide a clear, actionable roadmap of the developmental steps that need to be taken to rapidly increase the digital business DNA.

The 4 Value Propositions of IT

Key to our methodology is the understanding that information technology holds the promise to add significant business value along 4 different dimensions.

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Relevant IT Framework - Xuviate

Mastering Business Technology Management, Step by Step

To unlock the promise of each Value Proposition, old skills have to be brushed off and new skills need to be acquired. A breakthrough of our methodology is that we have not only been able to identify the 15 most important business technology competencies we need to master but also prioritised them in the exact order they should be worked on.

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