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BTM Gap Analyser

Once your business is ready to explore a digital transformation the very first step is to analyse the business technology management (BTM) strengths and weaknesses.

Correctly and cost-effectively identifying the gaps is such a critical task that we have spent the last 5 years to develop a digital transformation methodology focused specifically on the needs of small and medium businesses.  We call this methodology Relevant IT .

Recognising that not one size fits all we don’t rely on consultants to come and tell you about your business (and usually miss the plot completely).  Instead, we rely on the opinions of your key business stakeholders to identify how well the business performs in 15 business technology competencies across the 4 Value Propositions of IT.

If anybody knows the business it will be the people you already trust!

The assessment process is facilitated through our online Xuviate application and will not take more than an hour of each of your stakeholders to complete.


Afterwards we group and analyse all the responses and summarise our findings in the following two documents:

One contains a baseline of the digital maturity of the organisation as well as most of the raw data.


The other one is in the format of a feedback presentation that contains key business IT insights generated during the process.


Although both documents are valuable it is the second document that usually has the potential to significantly alter the course of the business.  Many of the insights fall into the category of

“We don’t know what we don’t know”

And, once internalised, we often hear the following from senior business leaders:

O, !@#$%, if I had only known this earlier!”


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